Acupuncture Association Membership

The Acupuncture Association is open for membership for acupuncturists who have a qualified acupuncture certification.

By becoming a member, you agree to abide by our codes and policies. These have been designed explicitly around current standards and have been drawn up in line with other member organisations.

To sign up online, you will need to provide:

Confirmation that you have read, understood and agreed to the codes and policies detailed HERE. An electronic copy of your accredited course certificate(s). Please make sure this is clear and legible.

Full AA Membership

The Acupuncture Association is open for membership for acupuncturists who have a qualified acupuncture certification.

Fee- The fee for membership to the AA is

£85.oo Per Annum

Student Membership

AA student membership represents acupuncturists who are currently under training in any level of Acupuncture qualification. The AA is a member organisation of the British Acupuncture Federation (BAF) and allows our members the benefits provided by BAF.

Fee- The fee for a student membership to the AA is

£25.oo Per Annum

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We are an independent acupuncture association with members who have a wide range of skills in different types of acupuncture modalities as well as other therapies.


From the Alternative Medicine report in 2000, the British Acupuncture Federation was formed from a wide range of acupuncture organisations from the original stakeholder group. It does not have individual members; it is where all acupuncture organisations can discuss how to promote and support members and acupuncture within the UK.

It reflects all styles of acupuncture, including both western and traditional techniques. BAF is the first and largest independent and collaborative umbrella organisation of associations within the UK.

The Acupuncture Association is one of the key organisations under the umbrella of the British Acupuncture Federation. AA is represented on the board of BAF. This allows the AA members to have a voice for discussions and ideas on acupuncture and to help grow and expand both the AA and BAF.


The following health insurance companies accept AA members:

Beneden Health
CS Healthcare
Equips ME
The Exeter
Freedom Health Care
General & Medical Healthcare
Healix Health Services
Orchard Health Cash Plan
Simply Health
Sovereign Health
UK HealthCare
Westfield Health

AA will accept applications from people with qualifications from any accredited training establishment –If you are not sure about whether you will be accepted, or learned at a school outside of the UK then please contact us with your certification as we will advise you how to proceed.


AA membership doesn’t automatically include insurance but does have a specifically designed and heavily discounted insurance scheme for those members requiring it.

We are an open and non-political association and therefore support freedom of choice. Although we have developed a fantastic scheme, some practitioners such as medical practitioners may have found other policies that are better suited to their needs.


As mentioned above, joining the AA does not automatically give you insurance. Should you require insurance, you can use our BAF affinity scheme policy and access the discounts available for AA members.

The following is from our insurance provider Balens regarding this policy:

“We can hold cover from the date we receive the completed application form [and] subject to suitable qualifications and favourable answers to the declaration questions. When it comes to contacting the client for payment and issuing documents, our standard turn around time is 48 hours; however, we may be slightly outside that due to the current situation with Covid-19.”